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Welcome to PAWsitive PET Stuff Grooming

Dawn's grooming background began over 30 years ago at her parents boarding, grooming and training kennel learning how to groom all breeds and mix breeds of dogs so they look their best. Dawn has professionally groomed dogs for the show ring and worked at Grooming Shops or Veterinarians in  Kelowna, B.C., Kitchener, Georgetown, and London. Recently Dawn has earned Certification through the International Professional Groomers Association (IPG) and will continue to earn more Certification with the goal of obtaining Certification as a Master Groomer. Dawn specializes in a puppy's first groom, scissor finishes, breed-specific trims and combines her training expertise as a Certified Professional Trainer with grooming to work with dogs that are difficult to groom or nervous being groomed.



Puppy's First Grooming or Dogs that Don't Like the Grooming Process...



Training must touch every aspect of your dog's life. 


Grooming is an integral part of a dog's life regardless of his type of coat; both long and short double coated dogs and non-shedding type coated dogs need to be groomed in order to maintain optimum health.


One of the most common statements made by dog owners to a groomer is "he won't let me brush him...." Instead of the word brush other words can be inserted here such as: touch, trim, clip, comb, or hold. ALL these things can be taught and resolved through effective training and de-sensitization. Petting a dog nicely all over his body is not the same as holding his leg firmly to pull a brush through his coat and perhaps work out a knot that has formed in his hair. We can help you with how to teach your dog to receive, handle and cope with proper and effective grooming to maintain optimum health.


The following are some of the things a dog may need to accept when being groomed effectively; buzzing clippers, sound of the scissors, feel of the brush/comb, standing still, having a leg held, paws touched & clipped, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, head held still, clippers coming close to the eyes, feel of water for a bath, high velocity dryer/other dryers, standing on a grooming table, and being crated for a period of time. Your dog may need to become accustomed to some or all of these things.


The BEST time to start integrating effective grooming in to your dog's life is when he is a puppy or if you have just adopted a dog. It is never too late to integrate effective grooming in to a dog's life so starting at any age will also benefit an older dog.


  • We suggest attending training classes and receive coaching on how you can help your dog handle grooming.

  • Training classes will establish a positive relationship for your dog with the trainer/groomer as well as our environment. 

  • This combination of training and grooming creates confidence and comfort for your dog during the grooming process.

  • Your dog will experience far less stress as a result of this approach.

Distinctive Grooming


ALL Grooms Include:


  • Certified groomers offering services which include a warm water massage bath with an appropriate shampoo and conditioner regime customized to your pet. Nails are trimmed, and ears are cleaned. Pets are then dried completely by hand. Short haired pets are brushed to help minimize excessive shedding while coated pets are combed and styled to your specifications.


  • Your pet is pampered as we work in a safe and relaxing environment, where sedatives are NEVER used. We offer quality products and services within a state-of- the- art facility specifically catered to our canine    customers.


  • We specialize in hand-scissoring which results in a quality finish, this attention to detail sets our grooming service apart.


  • These extra steps assure your pet’s comfort in a stress-free environment and helps put PAWsitive PET Stuff a bark above the rest!

To book your next grooming appointment...

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